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How's the vibe at Tufts for a prospective undergrad?

Hey everyone! So I've been looking into Tufts and I'm curious about what the school is really known for academically and socially? What kind of students thrive there? Any insights into campus life would be super helpful!

8 months ago

Hi there! As a parent of a current Tufts student, I must say I've been quite impressed with the experience my child has had there. Academically, Tufts is known for its strong international relations program, as well as biology and engineering. My child is in the School of Arts and Sciences and really enjoys the focus on interdisciplinary learning. It seems that students who are intellectually curious and value a balance between strong academics and a rich social life will thrive at Tufts.

Socially, the campus is active with lots of student organizations, and there's a strong culture of civic engagement — many students are involved in community service and political activities. The vibe is collaborative rather than competitive, and it's a great environment for students who want to be challenged but also supported by their peers and faculty. The campus itself is quite beautiful, which is always a plus!

Of course, each student's experience will be unique, and I can only speak from my own observations and what my child has shared. Visiting, if possible, would give you the best sense of whether the vibe at Tufts aligns with what you're looking for in a university experience. But overall, it's a welcoming place that encourages both academic excellence and social involvement. I hope this gives you a bit of the insight you're looking for!

8 months ago

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