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Which grade levels are supposed to take the PSAT?

So, I've seen a bunch of different answers and I'm a bit confused. Is the PSAT only for juniors, or do sophomores take it too? I wanna plan ahead and I'm trying to figure out when I'm expected to take it.

8 months ago

The PSAT is most commonly associated with juniors, because that’s when it counts for the National Merit Scholarship Program. Juniors who score in the top percentile on the PSAT are eligible to compete for scholarships, and that's often why there's a buzz around taking it in 11th grade.

However, sophomores can definitely take the PSAT as well. It is a valuable opportunity for them to practice and get a feel for the official SAT they'll likely take in the future, as well as set a baseline for themselves for the real PSAT the following year, if they're shooting for the National Merit Scholarship. At some schools, it's even standard practice for sophomores to take the PSAT.

To summarize, plan to take it first in 10th grade for practice and then once more in 11th grade, when it will count towards the National Merit Scholarship qualifications. Always be sure to confirm with your school regarding their specific PSAT administration policies, though!

8 months ago

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