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What scholarships are available based on PSAT scores?

I've been hearing a lot about the National Merit Scholarship, but are there any other scholarships that use PSAT scores as part of their criteria? How can I find out which scholarships I might be eligible for with my score?

8 months ago

Hello! Besides the well-known National Merit Scholarship Program, there are indeed other scholarships that consider PSAT scores. For example, the National Hispanic Recognition Program recognizes outstanding Hispanic/Latino high school students. Also, certain corporations and college-sponsored scholarships may take PSAT scores into account, particularly when they are a part of the National Merit process.

To find out which scholarships you might be eligible for, start by checking with your high school counseling office. We often have lists of available scholarships and can help you identify which ones align with your PSAT scores. Additionally, you can use scholarship search engines, like College Board's Scholarship Search, which allow you to filter scholarships by test scores. Don't forget to also check local community organizations and businesses since some may offer scholarships based on academic achievement, including test scores. Keep an eye out for emails or announcements from your school about scholarship nights or fairs, as these can also be great resources for scholarship information. Good luck!

8 months ago

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