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How significant is performing well on the PSAT?

Hi friends! I'm in a bit of a stress spiral thinking about standardized tests. Just wondering, if you do really well on the PSAT, does it have any real benefits for college admissions, or is it mostly about qualifying for scholarships like the National Merit Scholarships?

8 months ago

Hello there! I totally understand the stress that can come with standardized testing. The PSAT is more than just a practice test for the SAT. For high-performing students, it can indeed serve as a gateway to opportunities such as the National Merit Scholarship Program, which can provide not only scholarships but also recognition that can be an asset in the college admissions process.

While a strong performance on the PSAT itself isn't directly used in college admissions decisions, it can be indicative of your likely performance on the SAT or ACT, which are considered by many colleges. Doing well can boost your confidence and is a good sign that you're on track with your test prep. Additionally, if you do become a National Merit finalist or semifinalist, this achievement can be listed on your college applications and may make your application more competitive.

Moreover, scoring in the higher percentile can lead to scholarship opportunities not just from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, but also from other organizations and colleges that look to recognize high-achieving students. Some colleges offer excellent scholarships specifically for National Merit finalists.

However, it's also important to keep perspective. Not being named a National Merit Scholar isn't a deal-breaker for college admissions at all. Many students who are not finalists still gain admission to their top-choice schools based on other aspects of their applications. So, while it's great to aim for a high score, remember that it is one of many criteria that colleges look at, and there are numerous paths to success in the admissions journey. Keep up your hard work and stay balanced; you're evidently thoughtful and proactive about your future, which will serve you well moving forward!

8 months ago

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