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Is a graphing calculator necessary for the PSAT?

Quick question, team – I'm prepping for the PSAT and I'm curious if I need to bring a graphing calculator with me. Do questions on the PSAT demand it, or would a scientific calculator be enough?

8 months ago

Hi there! It's fantastic to hear that you're getting prepared for the PSAT – that's a great first step. To answer your question, a graphing calculator isn't necessary for the PSAT, but it can be helpful. The PSAT does have questions that deal with algebra and functions which might be easier to solve with a graphing calculator. However, every question on the test can be answered with a scientific calculator as well. It's most important that you use a calculator with which you're comfortable.

For example, if you've been practicing with a scientific calculator and know its functions inside out, it makes sense to stick with it for the test. If you have some familiarity with a graphing calculator and it might ease the process of solving certain types of problems, then it's worth bringing. Remember to check the College Board's list of approved calculators to ensure that yours is allowed on test day. Best of luck on your PSAT!

8 months ago

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