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What exactly is the purpose of the PSAT?

Alright, so I hear a lot about the PSAT and how we should take it seriously, but can someone enlighten me on what the point of the PSAT is? Is it just practice for the SAT, or is there more to it?

8 months ago

The PSAT, or Preliminary SAT, does serve as a practice for the SAT, but it's also more than just a warm-up. It is designed to give you a sense of the SAT format and the kinds of questions you'll encounter. However, an important aspect of the PSAT is that it's also the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program. If you score within the top percentile of test-takers in your state, you could become a National Merit Semifinalist, which opens doors to scholarships and can be a significant accolade on your college applications.

For juniors especially, the PSAT is pivotal for this reason. It's an opportunity to compete for recognition and scholarships, which can relieve some of the financial burdens of college. Therefore, preparing for and taking the PSAT seriously can be very beneficial. Even as underclassmen, taking the PSAT can help identify areas for improvement before you take the actual SAT.

8 months ago

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