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Kenyon College's Renowned Programs?

I've got a passion for writing, and I saw that Kenyon College has quite the reputation. Could anyone enlighten me on what academic programs or extracurriculars Kenyon is particularly famous for? Is their English department as good as I hear it is?

8 months ago

Hi there! It's fantastic that you're looking into Kenyon, especially with an interest in writing. Indeed, Kenyon has a stellar reputation when it comes to their English program—they're known for their emphasis on literature and creative writing. The Kenyon Review, their renowned literary magazine, offers students a unique chance to get involved with professional-level publications.

Additionally, their annual Kenyon Literary Festival is quite the event, bringing in significant figures in the literary world. From my understanding, the campus atmosphere is incredibly supportive for aspiring writers, with smaller class sizes that allow for personalized attention and in-depth discussion.

Kenyon is attractive to students interested in writing and literature particularly because of their faculty and the opportunities to engage with the literary community, both on and off-campus. It's definitely worth exploring if writing is your passion!

8 months ago

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