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Do colleges actually care about whether you took honors classes?

I've been really stressing over my course schedule for next year. I want to know how much colleges care about seeing honors classes on my transcript. Does taking honors classes make a big difference in college admissions, or should I just focus on getting higher grades in regular classes?

8 months ago

Absolutely, colleges do take into account whether you've taken honors classes when reviewing your application. It's all about the concept of academic rigor, which refers to the challenge of the courses you've taken relative to what's available at your school. If honors classes are offered and you've taken them, it conveys that you're willing to challenge yourself and that you can handle tougher material, which is something colleges look for.

However, it's important to strike a balance. If you can maintain high grades in honors classes, that's the ideal scenario. But it's better to have a slightly lower grade in an honors class than a perfect grade in a regular class, especially if you're aiming for more selective colleges. This approach shows that you're pushing your boundaries and preparing for the more demanding college coursework.

As an example, a student who opts for regular courses and gets straight As, when honors classes are available, may not be as competitive as a student with mostly As in a mix of honors and regular courses. Overall, aim to challenge yourself appropriately while maintaining a solid performance—that's the key indicator of college readiness that admissions officers are seeking. And remember, if you need help deciding your schedule, that's what counselors are here for!

8 months ago

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