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What distinguishes Queen's University from other Canadian institutions?

I’ve heard a lot about Queen's University and I'm considering applying there, but I would like to know what makes it unique compared to other universities in Canada. Like, do they have any standout programs or a particularly vibrant student life? How do they support international students? Any details would help boost my research!

8 months ago

Queen's University certainly holds a unique place among Canadian universities, known for its strong sense of community and tradition. One standout feature is their emphasis on undergraduate research opportunities, which is relatively high for a Canadian institution. This active engagement in research can provide a distinctive educational experience for students, particularly those interested in fields where hands-on involvement is key, such as in sciences or engineering.

In terms of student life, Queen's has a storied reputation for its school spirit, including welcoming orientation weeks and a variety of student-led clubs and teams, which creates a very close-knit campus atmosphere. Many students live in close proximity to the campus, making it easier to immerse themselves in the campus culture.

For international students, Queen's offers a range of support services, from an International Centre dedicated to helping students adjust to life in Canada, to specific academic and language support programs. Additionally, their International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle in England provides possibilities for a unique international learning environment.

Queen's also has a good reputation for their Smith School of Business, which is often ranked as one of the top business schools in Canada. Do check the specific programs that interest you to see how they compare to other institutions you're considering!

8 months ago

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