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What are the living arrangements like at schools similar to Boston University?

So I might be getting ahead of myself here, but I'm really interested in schools like Boston University that have an urban campus. I'm wondering what the dorms are like at such schools. Are they typically more modern? Do they tend to offer private bathrooms or are communal bathrooms more common? How does the living situation compare to more traditional campus setups?

8 months ago

Hey there! It's great to hear about your interest in urban campuses like Boston University. While every university will vary, many urban schools do tend to have a mix of both modern and traditional-style dorms due to the ongoing development in bustling city environments.

It's not uncommon to find high-rise dorm buildings with more modern amenities including suite styles that might offer private bathrooms, often for upperclassmen. However, many underclassmen at these schools will typically live in dorms with communal bathrooms—it's a bit of a rite of passage!

As for comparisons with traditional campuses, urban schools often utilize space in a more compact manner due to the city landscape. This means dorms might be spread out rather than concentrated in one 'quad' area, and you'll likely integrate more with the surrounding city, using its resources, eateries, and studying places. You'll get a blend of campus life with an authentic city living experience. One more thing to consider is the opportunity for off-campus housing in nearby apartments, something that might be more accessible earlier on for students at urban schools compared to a traditional campus.

Visiting the schools you're interested in is the best way to get a feel for the dorms and overall environment, as brochures and virtual tours can only show so much. Best of luck with your search, and I hope you find the perfect fit for your college experience!

8 months ago

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