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What should I include on my high school resume for college apps?

Hey everyone, I'm kind of stressing because I'm starting to prep my college apps, and I'm not totally sure what to put on my high school resume. Should I be including every single activity I've done, or just the ones where I had significant involvement? Also, does anyone know if part-time jobs or personal projects matter to admissions officers? Would love to get some insight since I've done a lot but don't want to overcrowd my resume.

8 months ago

Hello! For your resume, you should focus on including extracurriculars where you had substantial involvement, as these will be the most meaningful to admissions officers. Think quality over quantity, as something you did for a few weeks one summer three years ago doesn't say much about who you are today.

Part-time jobs and personal projects do matter, as they demonstrate valuable skills like responsibility and initiative. When including these, emphasize the particular skills you've gained and any tangible impacts you've made. Moreover, if any of your personal projects are related to your interests or prospective major, they could serve as a fantastic entry on your resume.

Overall, remember to keep your resume concise, clear, and focused on the highlights. Balancing between academic achievements, leadership roles, and personal endeavors will showcase you as a well-rounded candidate. Be selective and prioritize experiences that align with your interests and strengths. And don't forget to include any awards or recognitions you've received!

One word of caution is to make sure that the information you're including in your resume isn't just repeating what you already say in your activities list. College admissions officers only have so much time to spend on your application, so you don't want to take some of it up making them reread something they already know. Rather, include information you didn't have space for in your activities list, so that you're enhancing, instead of merely rehashing, your extracurricular achievements.

Good luck!

8 months ago

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