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What are other colleges like Case Western for STEM-focused students?

Case Western is on my list because it's awesome for research and STEM majors, and it seems collaborative rather than cutthroat. I'm sweating about competition though. Are there other colleges y'all recommend that have a reputation for strong STEM programs and an emphasis on research, but might be a little less intense?

8 months ago

Absolutely, exploring a range of schools with strong STEM programs that foster a collaborative environment is a great strategy. Consider looking into schools such as Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), which are known for their robust research opportunities and supportive student communities.

Also, don't overlook liberal arts colleges with strong sciences like Reed College and Swarthmore—they offer rigorous academics with close faculty mentorship that can often lead to research opportunities. While the atmosphere at different schools can vary, these institutions consistently receive praise for their supportive environments and active research communities in STEM fields.

It's fantastic that you're reaching out for options, and I encourage you to also speak with your school counselor about what specific aspects of a STEM program are most important to you, as this can help narrow down the choices to find the perfect fit.

8 months ago

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