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What are alternative options to WashU with a focus on pre-med?

WashU stands out to me because of its reputation in pre-med, but I’m trying to find other colleges that might offer a similar path. What are some universities that are known for excellent pre-med advising and opportunities?

8 months ago

It's great that you're exploring options in pre-med education! There are several universities with excellent pre-med advising and opportunities that you may wish to consider. Johns Hopkins University is renowned for its strong pre-med program and proximity to the Johns Hopkins Hospital, which provides ample research and volunteering opportunities. Additionally, Harvard University offers robust support for pre-med students through the Harvard Pre-Health Advising program.

University of Pennsylvania's pre-medical program benefits from integration with its medical school and nearby hospitals, and Stanford University features extensive research opportunities and med-school networking. For public institutions, both University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of Michigan offer comprehensive pre-med tracks with large research hospitals on campus.

It can be beneficial to research each school's specific resources, such as their health professions advising offices, volunteering and shadowing opportunities at nearby hospitals, and the success rates of their students in gaining admission to medical school. Also, consider the size of the student body and the student-to- faculty ratio, as you may prefer a more intimate setting for personalized advising or a larger one for a wider range of experiences. Good luck in your search for the right pre-med program!

8 months ago

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