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How do colleges view a 'for honor' class designation?

I've got 'for honor' next to some of my classes on my transcript, and I'm a bit confused – does anyone know how colleges interpret that? Is it like an honors class, or something different? Will taking classes 'for honor' help my application stand out to admissions officers?

8 months ago

That 'for honor' designation on your transcript usually indicates that you've gone above and beyond the standard curriculum requirements for a particular class. It can signify various things, such as completing additional projects, undertaking more in-depth study, or achieving a certain grade to earn that honor. Admissions officers are likely to view it as a positive indication of your commitment to academic excellence, especially if your school provides a context for what it entails within their particular academic system.

It would probably be a good idea to reach out to your high school guidance counselor, or to the teachers who taught the classes in which you earned this distinction, so that you can understand fully what it signifies. Then, you could explain in your application what it says about you and your academic strengths, perhaps even discussing what it is you did to earn it. Remember, colleges appreciate students who seek out challenges and go the extra mile in their studies, so this can certainly work in your favor. So well done, and good luck with your college process!

8 months ago

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