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Tips for Showcasing Volleyball Commitment on Common App

Okay, need some help here. I play club volleyball outside of school and it takes up a TON of time. How can I show college admissions that this isn't just a hobby, but a serious commitment? What kind of impact or achievements should I highlight to not make it seem like it's just about playing the sport?

8 months ago

Absolutely, showcasing your dedication to club volleyball on your Common App is a great idea! When you list club volleyball in your activities section, you'll have the opportunity to detail the hours per week and weeks per year you invest in it, as well as how many years you've been involved. That helps quantify your commitment for admissions officers.

Then, in the description, highlight any leadership roles you've held within the team, significant milestones like leading your team to victory in tournaments, or any recognition you've received, such as 'Most Valuable Player' awards. If you've been involved in organizing events or fundraisers, those could also be good things to highlight, as they show initiative and community engagement.

If you end up needing to write an "extracurricular" supplemental essay for one or more of the schools on your list, you could also elaborate more on your involvement in club volleyball there. For example, you could discuss how you balance the demands of volleyball with academic responsibilities, as that demonstrates time management and prioritization skills. You can read more about this kind of essay here: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-write-most-important-extracurricular-supplement-essays/. Or, depending on which other topics you're considering, you could even write your main personal statement about it! In that case, though, you'd then want to pick a different extracurricular for any supplements you come across, as you don't want to repeat yourself.

One thing that can also make a difference is a letter of recommendation from your coach, as they can testify to your persistence, team spirit, and work ethic, providing a fuller picture of your involvement. Best of luck with your application!

8 months ago

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