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Chances at Drexel with a strong but niche EC?

Hey everyone, I'm a junior really interested in Drexel because of its co-op program. I've got this one extracurricular that is super specialized (think underwater basket weaving level of niche) and I've won a couple of awards in it. Do you guys think that could make me stand out to Drexel admissions? Anyone have experience applying there with unique ECs?

8 months ago

Hello there! Your unique extracurricular activity certainly sounds intriguing and could definitely help you stand out in the application process. Drexel's admissions team, like many schools, appreciates students who have a deep commitment to their interests, especially when they've earned recognition for their efforts. The extracurricular itself matters less than your dedication to it, but that being said, an unusual one can certainly catch an admissions officer's eye!

Since you've won awards, you're demonstrating a high level of competency and dedication, which translates well in applications. If this activity is something you’re passionate about, make sure to highlight not just the awards, but also what you've learned and how it's shaped you, potentially even in your personal statement or any supplemental essays Drexel requires. Remember to make a connection between your unique talent and how it could contribute to Drexel's community or how it aligns with their co-op program. Best of luck!

8 months ago

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