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Are there affordable study abroad programs for high school students?

Junior here feeling a bit overwhelmed by the cost of study abroad programs... My dream is to have an international experience before college, but money is tight. Anyone have tips or personal experiences finding cheap study abroad programs that could still impress colleges?

8 months ago

I completely understand where you're coming from! Local organizations, such as Rotary Clubs or local cultural associations, can sometimes offer scholarships or sponsor a student for international experiences. Another approach is looking at 'sister city' programs if your town or city is partnered with a foreign city. These can be more affordable and still offer a rich cultural experience.

Also, don't forget that these experiences are as much about your personal growth as they are about impressing colleges, so focus on what you'll learn and how you'll grow when you talk about your time abroad, rather than purely the "objective" benefits for admissions!

8 months ago

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