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Anyone got the deets on the average PSAT 10 score?

So, just for context, I'm a sophomore who's taken the PSAT 10 and I'm kinda curious to compare my score. What are the average scores looking like for the PSAT 10?

8 months ago

Certainly! I'm happy to provide some clarity on the average scores for the PSAT 10. Nationally, the average score for sophomores on the PSAT 10 usually falls around the mid-900s total. A score in that range would be close to the 50th percentile, meaning you scored as well as or better than about half of the test-takers. It's important to remember that the PSAT 10 is just a stepping stone towards the PSAT/NMSQT and eventually the SAT—even if your score isn't quite what you'd like, you'll still have taken something away from the experience, as you will be more familiar with the test and have a clearer idea of how to target your studying.

So, if your score is well above 900, you're already in a strong position. If it's below, you might consider putting some extra study time into the areas where you could improve, but don't stress yourself out too much—you have a whole year to improve!

8 months ago

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