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Seeking universities with a professional and flexible environment like Strayer?

Hey guys! I'm interested in Strayer University's flexible scheduling and their focus on professional and adult education. Are there other universities that cater to working students or adults returning to education, with online options and a career-oriented curriculum?

8 months ago

Absolutely! For professionals pursuing further education, many universities offer flexibility akin to what you're finding appealing at Strayer. Look into schools that have reputable online degree programs and cater to adult learners — such as Western Governors University and Southern New Hampshire University.

Both institutions are known for their career-oriented curriculums and online platforms which allow for self-paced learning. Additionally, many traditional universities, like University of Maryland Global Campus and Penn State World Campus, have expanded their online offerings.

These programs are designed keeping in mind the schedules of working adults and often provide a degree of support and networking opportunities akin to traditional full-time programs.

Do ensure that the program you choose is accredited and check their career services and alumni network, as they can be quite valuable when it comes to transitioning into a new career or advancing in your current one.

8 months ago

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