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How to determine if my PSAT score is competitive?

Hey everyone, I'm a bit stressed trying to figure out if my PSAT score is good enough. What score is considered competitive, and how can I tell if I'm on track for National Merit consideration?

8 months ago

Hey there! It’s completely understandable to feel a bit anxious about interpreting your PSAT scores. A competitive score can vary depending on your goals and the schools you’re aiming for. Generally, a score ranging from the mid-to-high 1200s can be considered solid, while a score in the 1300s and above is usually seen as highly competitive.

For National Merit consideration, it’s important to know that it depends on the Selection Index, which is calculated by doubling the sum of your Reading, Writing and Language, and Math test scores. The National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) uses this index to determine the cutoff scores for each state, which can fluctuate each year. To gauge your own standing, look up the Selection Index cutoffs from previous years for your state as a benchmark. If your score is close to or above the historical cutoffs, you're on a good track. For example, if last year’s cutoff for your state was 220 and you scored a 218, you're in the ballpark, but since cutoffs can change, you might aim for a bit higher to be safe.

Finding this information should give you a decent idea of where you stand. But regardless of where your score currently is, keep in mind there’s still time to improve before you take the SAT or ACT. Good luck with your test prep!

8 months ago

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