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What are some colleges with themed living communities or houses like Hogwarts?

Okay, so I might be a huge Harry Potter fan, and the concept of houses at Hogwarts is just so cool to me. It got me thinking, do any colleges offer themed living communities or housing systems where you can live and bond with people who share similar interests or academic focuses? Looking for that sort of magical community vibe on campus!

8 months ago

Absolutely! Many colleges offer themed living communities known as Living Learning Communities (LLCs) that are designed to bring together students with similar interests or academic goals. My own child was part of an LLC for sustainability, and it really helped them to connect with like-minded peers right from the start.

For example, Yale has residential colleges that function somewhat similarly to Hogwarts houses, integrating social, academic, and residential activities. Another example is the University of California-Davis, which offers a variety of themed houses revolving around different topics like world music, outdoor adventures, and more. MIT also groups students into different living communities, some of which have their own traditions and cultures. It's a great way to make a large campus feel like a smaller, close-knit community. Definitely check out the residential life section of each college's website to see what unique living options they offer. It's as close to magic as you can get in the muggle world!

8 months ago

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