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Universities with a one-on-one learning approach like Minerva?

I’m intrigued by Minerva’s unique educational model, with its intimate classroom settings and emphasis on critical thinking. Are there other colleges known for innovative teaching methods or providing a personalized education? The whole digital, global campus thing is a bit intimidating, so maybe something with a more traditional campus but with similar teaching philosophies?

8 months ago

I appreciate your interest in unique educational experiences like Minerva. If you’re keen on an innovative teaching approach but prefer a traditional campus, there are a few options to consider. One such institution is the University of Chicago, where the Socratic style of teaching encourages students to engage deeply with texts and ideas. Another is Colorado College, which operates on the Block Plan, allowing students to dive into a single subject for three and a half weeks resulting in a deeply immersive learning experience.

St. John's College is another unique option with campuses in Annapolis and Santa Fe. Here, students read and discuss the Great Books of Western civilization rather than using textbooks. This dialogue-centered education fosters a one-on-one learning environment. Reed College, meanwhile, is known for its rigorous academic program and mandatory senior thesis, promoting a high level of intellectual engagement.

Evergreen State College in Washington is known for its student-directed learning where you can design your own program of study. And for a truly tailored one-on-one experience, look into schools like Hampshire College or New College of Florida, where students work closely with faculty advisors to create personalized learning plans and independent projects.

While each of these colleges has its own style, they all share a common commitment to personalized education, critical thinking, and a robust academic community. I encourage you to visit their websites, reach out to admissions officers, and even chat with current students or alumni to get a better feel for each college’s approach to learning.

8 months ago

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