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Do colleges require 4 years of math?

Hey everyone, as a high school junior trying to figure out my schedule for senior year, I'm wondering if it's absolutely necessary to take a fourth year of math? I'm into humanities more but I don't want to mess up my college chances. Do most colleges require four years of math, or is three years typically enough to be considered for admissions?

8 months ago

Hi there! It's fantastic that you're planning ahead for your senior year schedule. The requirement for math varies depending on the college and the program. Many colleges recommend four years of math, as it demonstrates sustained academic rigor, particularly for STEM programs.

However, for students interested in humanities, three years of math can often be sufficient, especially if you've reached at least Algebra II or a similar level. Still, it might be beneficial to take a fourth year of math to keep your options open and show colleges that you have a well-rounded academic foundation.

If taking a math class really doesn't fit with your interests or college goals, consider another academic challenge in your field of interest. Just make sure to check the specific admissions requirements for the colleges you're interested in to make the best choice for your senior year. For example, a college with a strong liberal arts focus may emphasize the importance of humanities and may not see the absence of a fourth year of math as a critical issue. Good luck with your decision!

8 months ago

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