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What are some insightful questions to ask during a college interview?

Junior here prepping for interviews. I’m trying to come up with questions that will show I’ve done my homework and am genuinely interested in the school. Anyone willing to share the questions they've asked or plan to ask that might leave a good impression?

8 months ago

It's fantastic that you're preparing questions for your college interview – this is an excellent way to demonstrate your enthusiasm and deep interest in the institution. A thoughtful question might be, for instance, asking about opportunities for undergraduate research in your field of interest, and how those experiences integrate with the curriculum. This shows you’re thinking about your academic future and how you can contribute to the intellectual community at the college.

Another good question to consider is about the support systems in place for students. For example, you could ask about mentoring programs or how the college supports the transition from high school to college-level work. This not only shows you are proactive about your education but also that you value the support services the college offers.

Lastly, don't be afraid to get specific about your interests, perhaps inquiring how the college's unique programs or traditions align with your own goals. An example could be asking about how a specific major at the college is structured, or how a particular student organization contributes to both campus life and the surrounding community.

Remember, your questions should be genuine – they should reflect what you truly want to know about the school. This sincerity is what will leave a good impression. Best of luck with your interview preparations!

8 months ago

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