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Chemistry course for college - necessary evil or skippable?

Kinda stressed junior here - Is taking chemistry actually a must for college admissions? It's really not my best subject and I'm trying to figure out if it'll hurt my chances if I don't take it. Do colleges require chemistry or could I focus on other science courses instead?

8 months ago

Hello there, stressed junior – take a breath, we'll work through this together. Understanding course requirements can indeed be a bit of a labyrinth, but I'm here to help navigate that. The answer to your question can vary depending on the types of colleges you're aiming to apply to. Most competitive colleges do like to see that students have taken a well-rounded set of core courses, which typically includes biology, chemistry, physics, and an advanced class in one of these areas. However, that doesn't necessarily mean you must take chemistry if it’s really not your strength.

Colleges appreciate a strong performance in courses that align with your intended major or field of interest. If you’re gearing towards a major within the humanities or social sciences, not taking chemistry might not be a make-or-break issue – especially if your schedule is rigorous in other areas that better suit your intended studies. Alternatively, if you're leaning towards a STEM field, skipping chemistry might be more of a concern since it's foundational to other sciences. You might consider environmental science or another science course that positions you as exploring a breadth of disciplines without the need to struggle through a class that doesn't click with you. In either case, though, make sure to maintain a strong academic record in the courses you do take and consider ways to demonstrate your scientific curiosity or capabilities in your extracurriculars – think about joining a club or starting a project that can show off your strengths in other ways. Final tip: do check the specific requirements of each college on your list; some schools might specifically call out chemistry as a recommended or required course.

8 months ago

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