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Colleges with a strong environmental and liberal arts focus like Middlebury?

I've visited Middlebury and absolutely loved the combo of their environmental programs and the liberal arts. I'm trying to find a few more schools that have similar programs and a similar dedication to sustainability and the liberal arts. Any ideas on schools that have that Middlebury-type feel?

8 months ago

I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed Middlebury—it's indeed a great school for environmental programs within a liberal arts context. For similar schools, you might want to look into Bowdoin College in Maine, which has strong environmental offerings and a commitment to sustainability, coupled with a liberal arts education. Another excellent choice could be Bates College, also in Maine, known for its environmental commitment and robust liberal arts curriculum. Carleton College in Minnesota is another institution that balances a strong environmental focus with liberal arts; they're especially known for their arboretum and sustainability initiatives.

Don't forget to consider Oberlin College in Ohio, which has a reputation for both sustainability and academic rigor within the liberal arts scope. And if you're open to West Coast schools, Pomona College in California offers a similar vibe to Middlebury, with a strong commitment to environmental issues and liberal arts education. Each of these schools has its own unique culture and sense of community, so I would encourage you to visit and see which one feels right for you. Best of luck with your search!

8 months ago

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