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Strengths of Indiana University Bloomington?

As I narrow down my college list, I'm really interested in Indiana University Bloomington. For any current students or alums, could you share what the university excels in? Are there particular programs or aspects of campus life that IU Bloomington is known for? Any help would be great, I'm trying to see if it aligns with my interests!

8 months ago

Hello there! Having a child at Indiana University Bloomington, I can share a bit about what they've experienced. One of IU Bloomington's strongest suits is its music program at the Jacobs School of Music, which is frequently ranked among the best in the nation. My child isn't in the music program but has friends who are, and they are always raving about the opportunities they have to perform and work with renowned faculty.

Additionally, the Kelley School of Business is another highlight, with a strong reputation for its undergraduate business programs and excellent career placement services. Campus life is vibrant, with a ton of student organizations and clubs, and the Big Ten sports events are a big draw.

The campus itself is beautiful, with lots of green spaces and the iconic limestone buildings. If you're into outdoor activities, there's plenty to do in the surrounding area, including hiking, boating, and more. If any of these areas align with your interests, IU Bloomington could be a great fit for you!

8 months ago

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