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How should I prepare for studying abroad in France during high school?

Hey everyone! Just got an opportunity to study abroad in France for my senior year. Anyone here who's done something similar? What's the school system like, and what should I expect academically and culturally? Any tips on preparing for the move and making the most out of my high school experience there?

8 months ago

How exciting that you'll be studying in France for your senior year! When my own child spent a semester abroad in Europe, we found it invaluable to do some prep work before the move.

Academically, be ready to adapt to a different style of learning which may be more discussion-based and less structured than what you're used to. Culturally, dive into the language as much as you can – being conversational in French will enrich your experience. Start familiarizing yourself with the culture by watching French films, reading books, or even trying out recipes. As for the move, make a checklist of documents you'll need, like your passport, visa, and paperwork for school. And don't forget to research the place you will be living and what you can expect daily life to be like. Finally, keep an open mind and be ready to step out of your comfort zone – it's the best way to fully embrace the experience.

Bonne chance and soak up every moment!

8 months ago

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