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Which colleges have a swim test as part of their graduation requirements?

Random question, but I've heard some colleges actually require you to pass a swim test to graduate – is that for real? If so, which schools have this requirement?

8 months ago

Absolutely, that is for real! There are indeed a number of colleges that have a swim test as a quite unique graduation requirement. One of the most notable schools with this requirement is Cornell University. At Cornell, all undergraduates have to pass a basic swim test or take a swimming course to fulfill their Physical Education requirement before graduation. It's a tradition that stretches back many years and is considered a rite of passage for many students.

Other institutions known for this are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Columbia University, where the swim test is part of their physical education requirement. Additionally, Dartmouth College used to have a swim test requirement but has since dropped it. While these might seem like odd requirements, they're longstanding traditions at some schools and speak to a time when physical education played a more prominent role in education.

Always good to check the current requirements of any institution because they can change over time. Hope that helps, and don't forget to pack your swimsuit if you're heading to one of these schools!

8 months ago

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