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How many community service hours do I need for National Honor Society?

Okay, so I've looked into NHS and I know that service is a huge component. How many hours are typically needed to be eligible for National Honor Society? Is there like a standard number, or does it vary by school?

7 months ago

Hi there! You're right that community service is a big part of National Honor Society (NHS) eligibility. However, the number of hours required can indeed vary from school to school. Typically, the national guidelines suggest a minimum of around 30 hours of community service, but some chapters may expect more based on your school's specific criteria and your community's needs.

I recommend you check your chapter's bylaws for the exact number of hours required at your school. This information is often available on your school website, but if you can't find it or are still feeling confused, you can also reach out to your guidance counselor.

Do keep in mind that NHS also looks for sustained service, not just a one-time event. So, involvement in something for a few hours a week over several years would likely be more beneficial for your application than doing one week-long service trip as a sophomore.

Good luck with your service, and I hope you find your experience rewarding!

7 months ago

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