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Comparable schools to University of Pittsburgh with a strong pre-med track?

I'm looking for schools that are known for their strong pre-med programs like Pitt, but I want a Plan B in case I don't get in. What are some universities that have a similar focus on undergraduate research and med school placement that I could consider as alternatives?

7 months ago

Absolutely, having a list of comparable schools is a smart strategy. You should consider looking at Rutgers University in New Jersey and Ohio State University, as both have strong pre-med tracks with ample research opportunities for undergraduates.

Additionally, the University of California schools, especially UC San Diego and UC Davis, offer robust pre-med programs. If you're leaning towards public universities, University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Michigan-Ann Arbor also boast excellent resources for pre-med students.

Two more options are Case Western Reserve University, which is known for its medical research and direct connections with affiliated hospitals, and Washington University in St. Louis, which benefits from having one of the nation's top medical schools, due to being in a large, diverse metro area that will expose you to a wide range of illnesses.

Finally, focus on schools where you believe you can excel academically and get involved in relevant extracurriculars, as medical schools look for well-rounded, invested applicants regardless of their undergraduate institution. Good luck with your applications!

7 months ago

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