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Choosing the Right Fit: What majors or programs is Kentucky State University renowned for?

Hey folks, I'm trying to shortlist some colleges that might be a good fit for me and I came across Kentucky State University. I've done some research but I would love to get insights from actual students or alumni. What are the standout majors or well-regarded programs at KSU that you know of or have experienced?

7 months ago

Hey there! Kentucky State University (KSU) is particularly well-known for its strong programs in agriculture, especially with their land-grant status, which often leads to robust research and internship opportunities in that field. They also have a well-respected College of Business that provides a solid foundation in various business disciplines. Moreover, students have found the Government, Regulators, Advocacy, and Policy (GRAP) program at KSU to be uniquely insightful.

If you’re more creative and have a passion for music or jazz, their music program, often featuring the KSU Jazz Ensemble, seems to be quite immersive! Of course, the best insight would come from directly reaching out to their admissions office or if possible, visiting the campus and talking to current students to get a feel for how KSU's offerings align with your own interests, on both a broad level and in terms of more focused sub-interests.

Best of luck with your college search!

7 months ago

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