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Are there benefits to taking psychology courses in high school?

I found this free online psychology course and I'm wondering if it'll be helpful for me both in understanding myself better and in my college applications. Thoughts?

7 months ago

Absolutely! Taking psychology courses in high school can be quite beneficial in several ways. For one, it can indeed help you gain a better understanding of your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, which is invaluable for personal growth.

From a college admissions perspective, it also reflects your proactive nature in seeking out knowledge beyond your high school curriculum. Such initiatives demonstrate a love for learning and an intellectual curiosity that colleges often seek.

Regarding your college applications, it shows you are taking the initiative to explore potential majors or areas of interest, which could strengthen your application narrative. For example, if you decide to major in psychology, this course could be an excellent talking point in your essays that showcases your early commitment to the field.

Also, remember that successful college applicants usually have a combination of extracurricular activities where they're highly involved. If psychology interests you, consider engaging in related extracurriculars or community service projects to strengthen your 'spike' in this area.

However, ensure that you’re not overwhelming yourself and that your grades in school do not suffer as a result of taking on too much. Also make sure that the course is a reputable one. There are resources online, such as Khan Academy that offer free learning in all kinds of subjects. In short, if it’s a subject you’re passionate about and you can handle the additional workload, go for it!

7 months ago

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