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How does being in an honors math class affect my college application?

Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out how much weight being in an honors math class will have on my college application. Does it make a big difference compared to regular classes? How do colleges view this in terms of course rigor?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's fantastic that you're considering the impact of your coursework on your college applications. Being in an honors math class can most certainly have a positive effect. Colleges look at the rigor of your courses to determine if you're challenging yourself according to what's available at your school, and honors classes are usually seen as more demanding than regular classes. So, taking this class demonstrates your willingness to push yourself academically.

However, it's not just about taking honors classes—it's also about how well you perform in them. A strong grade in an honors class suggests mastery of more challenging material, which speaks well of your readiness for more advanced coursework. Don't rely on just taking the class, but also commit to doing well, and seek out extra help with any concepts that are especially tricky for you, as a low grade in any class, regardless of the level, never helped anyone's college application.

Finally, consistency is key! Taking more honors courses throughout your high school career, especially in subjects related to your intended major or areas of interest, can really shine on your application and show that you're prepared for college-level work. Taking just one honors class won't hurt, but it won't do much to build up your overall academic profile. So, keep up the good work throughout high school!

7 months ago

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