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Math Requirements at Art Colleges?

Aspiring art student here with a question—do art colleges require math as part of their curriculum? I want to focus solely on my creative skills, and math isn’t exactly my strongest suit. Will I be able to avoid it somehow at a specialized art institution?

7 months ago

Hello aspiring art student! It's great to hear about your dedication to your creative skills. The math requirements at art colleges can vary from school to school. Some art programs may require basic math courses as part of their general education requirements, while others have more flexibility, allowing students to take a minimum of math-related courses.

To ensure that you're able to focus on your art, you might want to look for programs that emphasize studio art, design, or other creative majors without strong emphasis on math. You should check the graduation requirements for each art college you're considering.

Moreover, if a college does require math, you may find courses tailored for artists, like 'Math for Visual Arts,' which might relate more closely to your interests. Ultimately, even if math isn't your strongest suit, you may find that many art schools are understanding of students' diverse talents and offer alternatives or support to help you succeed.

7 months ago

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