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What PSAT score should sophomores aim for?

Sophomores in my school are taking the PSAT soon, and I'm sweating a bit. Does anyone know what a good PSAT score looks like for us?

7 months ago

It's totally understandable to feel a bit anxious about the PSAT, but remember it's primarily a practice tool and a qualifier for National Merit Scholarships in your junior year. For sophomores, a good PSAT score could be considered one that falls within or above the average range, which tends to be around the 50th percentile. This typically translates to a score of about 920-1010 out of 1520.

However, the definition of 'good' truly depends on your personal goals and the benchmarks you're looking to achieve in your junior year. If you're aiming for National Merit considerations next year, observing the scores of past semifinalists from your state can provide a target; they often score in the top 1% nationally, usually above 1400.

For now, focus on familiarizing yourself with the test format and question types. Use this experience to identify areas for growth so you can make targeted improvements before you take the SAT. Best of luck, and remember, this is just a stepping stone in your test prep journey!

7 months ago

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