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Looking for info on Chatham University's highlighted features—what should I know?

Chatham University seems interesting, but I can't find much from students' perspectives. What are Chatham’s highlights or key things a high school junior should be aware of during college hunt season?

7 months ago

Hey there! Glad you're considering Chatham University—lovely choice! Many students really appreciate the University's strong focus on sustainability and environmental science, which is a major highlight. Additionally, the Eden Hall Campus is a standout because it's designed to be a zero-net energy campus.

Chatham also offers tremendous support for women's leadership with programs like the Pennsylvania Center for Women in Politics. For any high school junior, I'd say Chatham's commitment to personal and professional growth with their hands-on learning experiences is something to be excited about.

Keep an eye on their unique majors and undergraduate research opportunities, especially if you're into health sciences or sustainability. Also, don't forget to check their study abroad programs—they're quite popular among students for broadening academic horizons. Best of luck on your college search!

7 months ago

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