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Any suggestions for universities with a community similar to UVA's?

Ok, so I’ve been looking into UVA and I'm really into the whole idea of a strong community, amazing school spirit, and a balance between academics and social life. I'm trying to find more schools that offer a similar experience. What are some other colleges that have that same kind of vibe and academic rigor? Please drop any recommendations or personal insights!

7 months ago

Hey there! Some similar schools include Wake Forest University, University of Michigan, and Vanderbilt University. Wake Forest has a small-college feel with a close-knit community. UMich is larger, but known for its vibrant campus life and proud tradition. Vanderbilt, meanwhile, offers rigorous academics coupled with a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Another great option is Duke University, which strikes a fine balance between academic excellence and community engagement. Each school has a unique culture, but they all share that intense school spirit and commitment to academic success. It's a great idea to visit the campuses if possible to really get a sense of the community. Best of luck in finding the perfect fit for you!

7 months ago

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