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What is it like to attend a vocational school while in high school?

Does anyone have experience with vocational schools while in high school? I'm considering it as an option and would love to know how it affected your high school routine and college applications. Do colleges view vocational training positively, and how might it impact my extracurriculars?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's great that you're exploring different educational paths. Vocational schools, while different from traditional high schools, can provide a focused curriculum geared towards specific career skills. Students typically split their time between academic classes and their vocational studies.

As for how it will affect your routine, it might be a more hands-on and practical approach to learning, which can be refreshing and engaging. When it comes to college applications, many colleges do view vocational training positively as it shows commitment to a field and practical experience.

It might, however, impact your extracurricular involvement since your schedule could be more structured around your vocational training. If you do decide to pursue this path, my advice would be to maintain a balance and try to engage in extracurricular activities that complement your vocational studies, showing colleges a well-rounded profile.

For example, if you're studying culinary arts, you might start a cooking blog or organize community cooking classes, which can enrich your application. Remember, it's all about the depth of your involvement and how you connect your vocational training to your extracurricular interests. Best of luck in making your decision!

7 months ago

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