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Does the Common App crash often on November 1st?

I've heard horror stories about the Common App crashing on the big November 1st deadline because everyone is submitting at the last minute. Can anyone who's applied before shed some light on this? Should I plan to submit my applications a few days early to avoid the rush?

7 months ago

Understanding your concerns about the Common App's stability on high-traffic days, especially around key deadlines like November 1st, it's wise to plan ahead. While it's not guaranteed to crash, technical issues have occurred in the past due to the volume of students submitting simultaneously.

Submitting your applications well in advance can be a stress-reliever, as you can then focus on other things, knowing your applications are already in. It also gives you a cushion in case you run into any last-minute technical glitches or realize you need to make a final revision.

I'd recommend aiming to have everything completed at least a few days early, not just for peace of mind, but also to avoid the potential rush and stress that comes with deadline-day submissions.

7 months ago

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