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Impact of a 'C' in an honors class on my GPA?

Feeling a bit down because I just got a C in an honors course... Can someone tell me how bad this is? Will colleges see past the grade if they know it's an honors class? Also, what's the impact on my weighted GPA? Just trying to figure out how this affects my college apps.

7 months ago

I understand how disheartening it can feel to get a grade that's below your expectations, especially in an honors class. Remember, one 'C' isn't the be-all and end-all. Admissions committees understand that everyone has ups and downs throughout their high school career. They are likely to consider the rigor of your course load, and an honors class signals that you are challenging yourself, which is a positive aspect.

As for the impact on your weighted GPA, most schools will add an additional point to a 'C' in an honors course, so it could be calculated as a 'B' in a standard course depending on your school's specific policy. This will cushion the impact on your overall weighted GPA.

Moving forward, focus on strong performance in your other classes and maybe consider how you can address this grade in your applications if necessary—for instance, through your personal essay or additional information section, by showing what you learned from the experience or how you bounced back. Keep your head up and continue working hard!

7 months ago

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