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How do activities qualify as community service for NHS?

Hey guys, quick question as I'm looking to beef up my extracurriculars, especially for National Honor Society. I know community service is a big component, but I'm a bit lost on what counts. Does it have to be through a specific organization, or can personal projects count? Has anyone done something unique that was accepted?

7 months ago

Absolutely, I’m glad you’re thinking ahead about your community service contributions for NHS! Broadly speaking, community service should benefit the community and be performed without compensation. This doesn't necessarily mean that activities must be done through an official organization, though those are the most common entries.

Personal projects can certainly count as long as they have a tangible impact on the community. For instance, organizing a local book drive to increase literacy and promote reading in underprivileged areas would be a strong personal project. You might even document your planning, effort, and the drive’s success, and that could be recognized as a valid NHS community service project.

The key is to ensure your initiative serves a clear need and doesn’t just benefit a few individuals. When you’ve settled on an idea, it wouldn't hurt to discuss it with your NHS advisor to make sure it aligns with the values and expectations of the organization. Best of luck with your service project!

7 months ago

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