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How crucial is a high school business class curriculum for an aspiring business major?

So, I'm a high school junior with a keen interest in pursuing business in college. I have an option to take business classes at my school like Marketing and Intro to Business. Are these classes really helpful for getting the basics down? Would having these classes on my transcript give me an edge in the admissions process for a business program?

7 months ago

Taking business-related classes in high school can be advantageous for several reasons. First and foremost, they provide a solid foundation of knowledge in the field, which can be incredibly beneficial once you start your college courses. Understanding the basics of marketing, finance, and management early on will give you a head start.

Moreover, these courses on your transcript demonstrate to college admissions committees your commitment to and interest in the business field. While it may not 'give an edge' as significantly as, say, leadership positions in related extracurricular activities or high-tier achievements, it does reinforce the narrative that you're serious about pursuing business.

It's all about showing a focused interest and passion in your chosen area, which can be seen as part of developing your 'spike' in the admissions process. Remember, colleges are looking for depth in areas related to your intended major. So while these classes alone won't make or break your application, if they're part of a broader, consistent interest in business evident through your other activities and essays, they'll certainly strengthen your application. Plus, the skills and knowledge you gain will be a valuable asset in both your further education and future career. Good luck with your decision!

7 months ago

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