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Should I take psychology in high school if I'm interested in a psych major?

I'm really into psychology and thinking about majoring in it. Do you think taking psych in high school will give me a good foundation or is it more of a 'for fun' class? Does it make a difference in the admissions process?

7 months ago

Taking psychology in high school can absolutely give you a solid foundation if you're considering a major in it! While it's true that the depth of the subject matter in a high school class may not match the rigor of a college-level course, your engagement with psychology now showcases your genuine interest in the field to college admissions officers. It signals you're exploring your passions early on and are serious about pursuing them further in higher education.

Moreover, high school psychology often provides a basic understanding of key concepts and theories, which will make your transition into more advanced college courses smoother. This previous exposure could give you more confidence in your studies as a psychology major, and start giving you some initial ideas about which sub-areas of the field you're most interested in.

In terms of admissions, taking psychology aligns with showing a 'spike' or deep interest in a specific area. Colleges look favorably on students who take initiative and demonstrate commitment to their prospective field, as that speaks well of their ability to thrive with more focused, in-depth studies in college. An additional plus would be if your school offers an AP Psychology course and you perform well, as that would show you are already prepared for college-level work in the field.

If possible, you could even pair your academic pursuit of the subject with related extracurricular activities to help your application stand out even more. For example, you could volunteer in a community service role that allows you to work with people, like a peer counseling program, to further demonstrate your passion for psychology.

Good luck with your psychology journey!

7 months ago

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