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Any recommendations for informative personal fitness classes in high school?

Okay, so I’m planning out my junior year, and I want to take a personal fitness class because I feel it’s important. For those who’ve taken it, did you find it useful and did colleges seem to appreciate this kind of class?

7 months ago

It's wonderful that you're taking an interest in personal fitness! Such classes can be very beneficial for your personal health and wellness, and colleges generally look favorably upon students who take care of themselves. Though personal fitness classes are not typically considered academic or rigorous in the context of college admissions, they do contribute to a well-rounded high school experience. Taking this class shows that you value a balanced lifestyle, which is a positive character trait.

Regarding recommendations, it would be great if your school offers a personal fitness class that includes both practical instruction and theoretical knowledge about health, physiology, and wellness. Often, these classes do not only involve physical activity but also teach concepts of nutrition, injury prevention, and long-term health strategies which can be tremendously useful in life. It's also an excellent break from purely academic courses and can provide you with a much-needed mental health boost.

If there isn't anything offered at your school, you could check out your local gym, or any cross-fit centers, yoga studios, climbing centers, and so on in your area, especially if you already have specific fitness activities you know you enjoy.

Lastly, even if colleges don't weigh such classes as heavily as core academic subjects, demonstrating a commitment to physical health can be an indirect benefit to your college applications by showing you're a well-rounded person, who has personal strengths and interests in addition to your academic achievements.

Good luck finding a course that gives you what you're looking for!

7 months ago

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