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Online college classes for high school students?

Hey all, junior here getting a bit antsy about making my transcript stand out. I heard that taking college classes online can be a plus. Does anyone know how that works or where to start looking? Also, would colleges actually care if I took a few college-level courses online?

7 months ago

Hey there! Taking college classes online can definitely show initiative and help your coursework stand out, as you'll already have some experience in a college-level learning environment. Colleges especially take notice if the courses you've taken are in subjects related to your intended major, as it demonstrates your commitment to learning and willingness to challenge yourself.

In terms of finding courses, you can start by looking at your local community college, as they often have dual-enrollment programs that allow high school students to take courses for both high school and college credit. Additionally, many universities offer online courses for high school students.

Just be sure to balance these courses with your current workload so they don't negatively impact your high school grades or extracurricular involvement—ultimately, your performance across four years of high school courses say the most about your academic readiness, rather than a couple of college classes taken on the side. You also want to maintain a good balance of academic rigor and personal well-being.

To summarize, it's definitely an option worth exploring, but by no means required—many students get accepted to even the most selective schools in the country not having taken any online college classes!

7 months ago

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