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How can health class enhance my high school profile for college admissions?

I'm trying to decide my electives, and there's a health class that fits into my schedule. I've heard it can be an easy A but I'm worried if it might look like I'm not challenging myself enough. Does taking a health class add value to my transcript in the eyes of admissions officers?

7 months ago

It's great you're thinking ahead about how your choices will reflect on your transcript! While it's true that colleges look to see if students are challenging themselves, not every class has to be at the highest level of difficulty. A health class can demonstrate to colleges that you are well-rounded and take an interest in a variety of subjects, which can be beneficial. If the rest of your schedule is rigorous and the health class complements your academic plan without taking up time that you could be dedicating to maintaining a high GPA, it could indeed add value.

Plus, the knowledge and skills from a health class, such as understanding wellness and making informed life choices, are valuable in their own right, college admissions aside. If your schedule is already filled with challenging courses in other core areas, taking health class as an elective can provide a good balance to your academic load, by giving you a chance to move around and be active.

To summarize, admissions officers are looking for a challenging course load that still allows you to perform at your best, which could definitely include health class, and taking the class could also give you plenty of personal benefits. So, if you have space and interest, go for it!

7 months ago

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