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What AP classes should I take to stand out to colleges?

Hey guys, I'm planning out my schedule for next year and I'm kind of stressed about which AP classes I should take to impress colleges. Could you share your experience or advice on how to choose AP classes that will boost my application?

7 months ago

It's important to remember that the AP classes you choose should align with your academic interests and strengths. Colleges appreciate when students challenge themselves in areas they are passionate about. If you're interested in STEM, AP courses like Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, or Computer Science can be beneficial. For a humanities focus, consider AP courses like English Literature and Composition, History, or foreign languages.

If you're applying to highly selective schools, honestly, the more APs the better, all across the board. But make sure to maintain a balanced schedule that you can realistically handle—it's better to do well in fewer AP classes than to overextend yourself and end up taking a bunch but doing poorly in all of them. Aiming for rigor in your course load is definitely key in college admissions, but don't feel pressured to overload if it's not manageable for you.

7 months ago

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