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Are programming classes for high school students worth it?

So I love computing and want to take some programming classes offered at my school. But will colleges care about these classes, or are they looking for more APs and honors courses instead? Anyone else struggling with choosing electives?

7 months ago

It's great to hear about your passion for computing! Colleges certainly value students who pursue their interests, especially in a field as in-demand as computer science. Taking programming classes can be a strong way to demonstrate your dedication to this subject. Think of it as part of building a 'spike' in your application – a deep interest or talent in one area. This kind of focus can make you stand out.

While APs and honors courses are important because they show academic rigor, elective courses like programming classes complement those by showing your specific interests and skills. If you excel in these classes and continue to develop your computing skills, perhaps even working on outside projects or competitions, colleges will take notice.

Basically, AP classes in core STEM subjects like calculus and physics can demonstrate an overall strong foundation in analytic thinking, while elective courses like programming can show you already have a sense of how you envision yourself applying your foundational skills in a more targeted way.

It's all about balance - aim for a combination of challenging core courses and electives that showcase your unique strengths and interests. Keep following your enthusiasm for computing, and it will shine through in your application! Good luck!

7 months ago

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