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Any recommendations for high-quality psychology classes online aimed at high school students?

Psychology really interests me and I’ve heard that taking it can look good for college apps. Has anyone taken a good psychology course online that caters to high school students? I'd love to hear how you found the course and if it positively impacted your application.

7 months ago

Some students have had positive experiences with UC Scout's AP Psychology course, which is designed for high schoolers. This class would allow you to potentially earn college credit, demonstrating to admissions committees your ability to handle college-level coursework. Additionally, MIT OpenCourseWare offers free course materials from actual MIT classes, including Intro to Psychology. Although it isn't exclusively for high school students, many find it enriching and a solid introduction to college rigor.

Your enthusiasm for the subject and the proactive step you're taking by self-studying will indeed be a positive addition to your application, as going out of your way to learn more about psychology will prove your interest in the field is genuine, and will speak well of your preparation for college-level work in psychology.

Best of luck finding a course that's a good fit for you!

7 months ago

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